Vision Statement

Vision Statement: 

To offer an integrated Spring/Summer hockey Player Development Program for young athletes to prepare them for elite competition.

Goals of our Player Development Program are:

  1. Offer a top program with knowledgeable and accomplished hockey instructors to help young players become better all‑around athletes, students and citizens. 
  2. Make the spring/summer season ʺa fun & positive hockey learning environmentʺ for all who want to take advantage of our program. 
  3. Help young hockey players reach their personal goals.
    • To encourage and promote healthy lifestyle choices.
    • To challenge young hockey players to reach there full potential.
    • To build “tomorrows leaders today”
  4. Enhance the hockey and mental skills of our young hockey players.
  5. That each participant fully participates and commits to our camps and the schedules we set out. 
  6. To develop mature, respectful, cultured hockey players through competition and travel.