NWT North Stars Spring Travel Teams

Hello North Stars Families,

The 3 on 3 was a great success thanks to all the people who volunteered to make it an amazing time for the kids. The North Stars program is now looking forward to the March Break Camp on the 14th, 15th, 16th. This camp is for all participants in the North Stars program but will also be used as an identification camp for the Spring Travel Teams. For 2014 we are proud to say that we are going to be selecting a 2002, 2003, 2005 travel teams.  One goal of the North Stars program is to have Spring Travel Teams for all ages in the future. If you wish to assist in this please contact the Executive and we will support you in the process.

Select Team Information

The Spring Select Teams will continue to foster participation in the great game of hockey, at an elite level, allowing each player, through their participation in the program, to enjoy a positive, character building sports experience, while creating a passion for the game.  Select teams will attract some of the best players, coaches and volunteers our area has to offer.  It is our goal to continue to keep the highest standards of player development, while focusing on play not just practice.

We believe that through the development of every individual player, each team benefits from their resulting depth, diversity, and cohesion.  This produces a level of confidence that will bring success in a competitive hockey environment.  Emphasis will be placed upon excellence, commitment, sportsmanship, discipline, personal development, skill development and team work.  The individual conduct of board members, coaches, players and parents will be maintained to ensure a positive culture in which all can honour the sport, and exemplify an organization in which to be proud of.

Selection Process

Three Independent Northstars Evaluators will be chosen by the head coaches of the three teams (2002,2003,2005).   The Evaluators will have none of their own children in the selecting tryout process.   Evaluators will rank players based upon two skills sessions (skating, puck handling, passing, battling, competitiveness, etc) and two intra-squad games.   Upon completion of ranking players after the four sessions, Evaluators will pass on their scores to each head coach.  The head coach will then select his team on these scores and discussions with the evaluators.  The Head coach of each team will have the final say on all kids chosen for his team.

It will be important that your child put their best foot forward for the weekend of the March Break Camp.   Please see the attached form on the North Stars website that will be used for evaluations.

If you are unable to attend the camp please provide a written reason why you cannot attend to the Executive and they will decide if it warrants the player evaluation at a different time. If not chosen your child will receive positive constructive feedback on areas that they can improve on to assist them in their hockey development.


Selected Players

If you are selected for the spring team you will be required to pay a $200.00 fee to confirm your travel to the Spring Hockey Tournament in Kelowna. The Kelowna Heat Tournament is April 30th and players will be returning May 5th.


Commitment: The North Stars teams will be waiting for YKMHA to end on April 13th and will then be going into full gear on April 14th.  It is vital due to the short time period that if you intend to be on the travel team you attend ALL practices. Please understand that if you are unable to do this due to other commitments then you will be removed from the team. We are only asking for a 2 week commitment but it is crucial for the team to progress at a rapid rate due to the high level of hockey they will be participating in. Players are required to stay with the team while travelling and not at friends or relatives if they live in the area of Kelowna.


The North Stars Executive recognizes that hockey can be expensive so we have given parents an opportunity to supplement the cost of travel. Our goal is to cover the majority if not all of your child’s travel.  We have 4 bingos to assist in covering the expenses for the trip. All funds raised by these bingos will be pooled together to cover the cost. We have secured a $50,000 bingo that ALL travelling teams will be involved with to assist in expenses.


2002: March 28th
2003: May 20th
2005: June 28th

Super Bingo: April 26th

All revenue raised in these bingos will be put towards the following expenses and in this order Registration fees, Ice Rental, Track Suits, Player’s Hotel Accommodations, Player’s Flight, Travel in Kelowna, adult hotel accommodations, adult flights.

If you choose not to participate in the bingos below is a rough cost breakdown for the trip.

Per Child

Item Estimated Cost
Tournament Registration Fee $131.60
Track Suit $100.00
Ice Rental /Dryland Training $150.00
Flight West Jet leaving April 30th return May 5th    $580.00
Accommodations Double Occupancy per bed at 5 nights Manteo Resort 5 x $70.00 = $350.00
Travel in Kelowna $100.00
Per Child $1411.60


Per Adult

Item Estimated Cost
Flight West Jet Leaving April 30th return May 5th $580.00
Accommodations Double Occupancy per bed 5 nights Manteo Resort $350.00

We have attached an information package about the resort we are going to be staying at. This resort is located within 2 blocks of the ice surface that the 2003, and 2005 group will be playing at. We will have 2 rented 15 passenger vans to transport hockey bags and the 2002 group to the rink as well as pick up and drop off at the airport.

We are planning to have an exhibition game against the Kelowna Heat Spring teams on Thursday May 1st followed by a team building activity. During the tournament each team will play 2 games Friday, 2 games Saturday and a minimum of 1 game Sunday.

Practice Schedule

Most of the practices will be from April 14th to the 30th but we are still in discussion with some ice user groups to get the ice so all kids can attend the practices. Once the team has been chosen the manager will send out the practice schedule to all team members.


It is important that if your child wishes to participate in the spring teams that they are committed 100%.