1. 2014-02-11 Will the NWT North Stars have any programs next year?:

YES. The NWT Northstars are here to stay! Next year we will running the same program as this season. In addition, we are proud to announce for our September Camp Aaron Konecsni, a power skating coach, who works with the Vancouver Canucks prospects, Kelowna Rockets, and many NHL players including Shea Weber. We will also be doing our 3 on 3 Christmas Hockey Tournament and our March Break Camp plus many more programs in the future ensuring that it cost effective.

2. 2014-02-11 Will the players chosen for the team only be from Yellowknife for the AAA Spring Tournament?:

We have children from all over the North trying out. It will not matter what community you are from or what organization you are a part of. The selection process will be fair and equal for all children trying out. Unfortunately all kids will not make it but all will receive positive constructive feedback on areas that need improvement.

3. 2014-02-11 Why do I need to register my child before March 1st? Why can I not just show up and try out?:

To date we have over 60 kids trying out for the AAA Spring Tournament travel teams. It is important for us to schedule the March Break camp appropriately and ensure each child has a jersey and is registered. Therefore we need to know ahead of time how many kids are trying out.

4. 2014-02-11 I am worried about the cost of the tournament. How can we fundraise for the tournament?:

We have secured three $10,000 bingos and one $50,000 bingo. This will give any family that makes the team an opportunity to fundraise to cover the majority of the cost for the tournament. Not everyone will choose to do this and that will be your choice.

5. 2014-02-11 Do I have to travel with the team?:

No if you choose to travel on your own please feel free to so do. We have put a down payment of $75.00 a seat to secure 70 seats for the following flight at $570.00 return taxes included. Full payment is due March 31st.

30 Apr 2014 YELLOWKNIFE 1:50pm EDMONTON INTL 3:30pm Check-In Required

30 Apr 2014 EDMONTON INTL 5:05pm KELOWNA 5:13pm WS 197 Confirmed Check-In Required

05 May 2014 KELOWNA 7:25am EDMONTON 9:32am WS 310 Confirmed Check-In Required

05 May 2014 EDMONTON 11:35am YELLOWKNIFE 1:14pm WS 108 Confirmed Check-In Required